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Dickhead Dave is the tale of two college roommates and their contentious relationship. Tim comes from humble beginnings and has had to work his ass off to put himself through school. Dave, on the other hand, has a rich Mommy and Daddy and therefore hasn't had to work a day in his life. His days are spent within a cyclone of parties, drugs, booze and women. One day Dave's sheer idiocy and lack of propriety pushes Tim too far leading to a final? confrontation that will leave your bowels spilled and steaming on the floor.

Written and Directed by Jaison H. Costley

Starring: Michael Gajeski, Mary Etuk and Cassidy Ward

Run Time: 17 min. 04 sec.

Mission Statement: This is a short film but is also intended to be the pilot episode for a series. The rest of Season 1 has been written (11 episodes in all) which continues the epic saga of Tim, Dave and Whore. It goes into some pretty strange territory and introduces a host of bizarre new characters including some badass super villains and sexy femme fatales. We're hoping to spread the good word far and wide so we can get this thing produced and on television in order to bring more subversive, quality, and mind-controlling entertainment to the pathetic masses. (This is something that would find a happy home on networks such as Cartoon Network (Adult Swim), Spike TV, FX, AMC, HBO, Showtime, etc.) Your assistance and cooperation in helping us succeed with this mission is mandatory. Violators will be fed feet first to big ass hungry hogs.

​P.S. If you or anyone you know is affiliated with any of the above mentioned networks and/or is interested in assisting us with any of the above mission stuff, shoot us a communication via the Contact section of this site.


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