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Originally risen from the ashes of the band Sigma 6, Ronn Strong and Jaison H. Costley formed Euclid's Crashed and set out to record their first EP entitled "The Exquisite Stench". The EP also included the musical prowess of ex-Sigma 6 band members Matt Johnson and Ian Costley. What began in the studio eventually emerged as a live act in which these four fine gentleman comprised the lineup. The project is now helmed by Jaison H. Costley who has taken up writing, performing and recording the new EP himself, although, a few special guests may come in and contribute their talents, we'll see. It will be released some time in the near future and it promises to be a dark, melodic, heavy and sprawling piece of work. The re-emergence of a live act is not out of the question.

*A tidbit of trivia: An alternate musical endeavor, consisting of members from Euclid's Crashed, called "The Seeping Vagina Orchestra" was created in order to score "The Sex Doll She-Bitch" and "Dickhead Dave".


Insensate - Euclid's Crashed
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Gynaecological Instruments for Operating on Mutant Women - Euclid's Crashed
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These tracks are works in progress. I was in the midst of mixing and mastering the new EP when my good friend Bob Lawson (who was assisting with the process) passed away. It's sat on the shelf ever since; mostly because I can't bring myself to continue. I did, however, find these rough drafts sitting around and decided to leave them here for your listening pleasure. I am proud of the work and plan on finishing it someday, as well as work on new material. R.I.P. Bob. You are missed.

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